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Coastal Settlements

West Palm Beach Waterfront Commons Michael Singer Studio, Catalfumo Construction West Palm Beach, Florida, United States Credit: Dunn's Aerial Photography, Inc.

Managing settlement growth toward existing communities and away from environmentally sensitive areas protects residents and natural habitats.

Coastal management issues — beach erosion, stormwater management, habitat protection, aging infrastructure, sea level rise, drought, storms and flooding — are being intensified by climate change.

Guidelines for sustainable and resilient coastal settlements:

  • No structures seaward of 10 times the annual erosion rate;

  • Allow only moveable structures seaward of 60 times the annual erosion rate;

  • Permanent structures setback – a minimum of 60 times the annual erosion rate;

  • Guide development toward existing communities;

  • Encourage compact mixed-use development; and

  • Acquire and preserve undeveloped land and critical environments.

Note: Annual erosion rate reflects historic sea level rise and land subsidence and is recalculated every 10 years. Setbacks are measured from the first line of established natural vegetation.
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