Solar PV - High Tech High 
San Diego, CA  |  2014

One of our most comprehensive Prop 39 projects featured the installation of over 345 kW in solar photovoltaic systems across three separate High Tech campuses on eight schools. The project was funded by Prop 39 and meshed well with the organization’s focus on energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. School administration was thrilled with the project, which saves over $130,000 in annual energy costs. Additionally, the PV arrays and their real-time, interactive displays have been incorporated into learning opportunities for students.

LED Lighting - High Tech High 
San Diego, CA  |  2014

This comprehensive LED lighting retrofit included replacing existing interior classroom, office and hallway lighting, as well as exterior walkway and entrance lighting, with high-efficiency LED alternatives. The project was undertaken by a single organization at eight of its local schools across two separate campuses. Projects costs were kept low with a lighting solution that involved replacing the lamps only and not the entire lighting fixture itself. Students and staff alike were pleased with the average 50% increase in lighting levels throughout the schools. The lighting retrofit resulted in $67,000 annual savings on the school’s utility bills.

HVAC & Controls - SIATech
Oceanside, CA  |  2015

The administrative offices for a local Charter organization were the focus for new high-efficiency HVAC units in conjunction with upgraded thermostats. Existing rooftop heating and cooling equipment consisted of aged, inefficient units which cost considerable time and resources (not to mention the patience of the office staff!) to keep it operating smoothly. Programmable, networked thermostats represent some of the most cost effective new technology in system controls. Prop 39 funding allowed the replacement of the majority of the HVAC units with new, high efficiency heat pump units, as well as new thermostats allowing greater control over the HVAC equipment.  The combined retrofit resulted in greatly improved occupant comfort in the workspaces, as well as an almost $6,600 reduction in annual utility bills.

LED & HVAC - EJE Academies
El Cajon, CA  |  2015

Students and staff at an inland elementary and middle school suffered in aged portable classrooms whose inefficient HVAC units could barely keep even temperatures in the wide ranges from hot summer months to cold winter spells. Additionally, lighting in these same spaces was a mish-mash of various lighting technologies – often resulting in different wattage and color lamps being installed in a single fixture. Utilizing a portion of their Prop 39 funding to address this situation, the school was able to replace the aged wall-mounted heat pumps in the portable classrooms with new, high efficiency units, as well as a uniform LED lighting solution. The new HVAC units deliver superior heating and cooling at a fraction of the cost, while the lighting retrofit produces increased even lighting levels with significantly lower energy usage. With increased student and staff comfort in the portables, as well as over $28,000 in annual electricity savings, the schools are delighted with this fully funded solution.  

HVAC & LED - Classical Academies
North County, San Diego CA  |  2015

A K-12 organization operating four campuses throughout San Diego’s North County devoted a portion of its Prop 39 funding to address outstanding HVAC and lighting issues that had plagued the schools for years. The HVAC projects included the replacement of aged heating and cooling units, installation of programmable, networked thermostats to control the new equipment, as well as retro-commissioning to ensure optimal efficiency of existing equipment. A comprehensive LED lighting retrofit was also undertaken, addressing interior classroom and office spaces as well as exterior walkways and entrances. The projects were fully funded by Prop 39 and resulted in vast improvements in lighting levels and occupant comfort campus-wide. Combined, the projects will net the schools over $43,000 in annual savings.