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Dashboard Showing Energy Use For Commercial Buildings Available

Energy use data for large commercial buildings is now available to view, search, and download through an interactive tool – the Public Disclosure Dashboard – on the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) website.

The dashboard will give people better information about the buildings in which they live and work. Knowing how much energy your building consumes is the first step in figuring out how to use less. Energy benchmarking – measuring a building’s energy use compared to similar buildings – can help. When publicly disclosed, this information can encourage improvements that reduce energy use and increase savings.

The dashboard allows people to search by individual building, city, county, zip code, or by the entire state. All the data is also available for download.

“Public access to building energy information helps markets operate more effectively," said CEC Commissioner Andrew McAllister. "Potential renters and buyers will be better informed and owners and managers will see the benefits of investing in tools and practices that reduce energy waste and improve the bottom line. That is good for the economy and helps reach our state energy goals.”

Tracking energy use, which is one of the largest controllable costs in a building’s operation, can be vital. Investing in energy efficiency improvements and disclosing the savings could mean lower energy bills for tenants and owners, as well as spaces that are more efficient, inviting, and comfortable.

The Building Energy Benchmarking Program requires the owners of large commercial and multifamily buildings to report energy use to the CEC by June 1 annually.

Annual reporting to the CEC began in 2018 for commercial buildings, and in 2019 for multifamily buildings. The dashboard currently includes only commercial buildings; multifamily buildings will be added in 2020. Over time, the CEC plans to add resources for people wanting to improve the energy performance of their buildings.

A link to the dashboard, materials to determine if benchmarking is required, and more information about the benchmarking program are at

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