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Father and Son Build 50,000 New Beehive Colonies Around the World

These two men have increased the global honeybee population by 10 percent with their invention – a hive that lets humans harvest honey without harming bees

The “Flow Hive” is a man made bee house, that bees can’t tell apart from their own hives, that allows honey to flow out of it without harming bees.

In the past, bees were disturbed, crushed or made homeless by the invasive methods beekeepers used to harvest their honey.

Now, beekeepers can just turn on the tap and let the honey flow out.

The idea was inspired when Australian beekeeper Cedar Anderson watched his brother get stung trying on an extraction mission.

He and his father Stuart spent ten years trying to develop a a more human- and bee-friendly design.

What they came up with made the harvesting process so non-invasive, they didn’t even have to wear beesuits anymore.

In 2015, the Flow Hive became the most popular crowd-funded campaign in Indiegogo’s history, raising $12 million.

Four years later, the duo have distributed over 51,000 hives around the world, inspiring people to take up beekeeping who never otherwise would have, and increasing the global honeybee population by 10 percent!

Plus, they donate all their profits to creating and protecting pollinator habitat in Australia and the United States.

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