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Gompers Prep Academy - Energy Project- start to finish in San Diego

Gompers undertook a “cool roof” project to replace their antiquated (and very inefficient!) tar and gravel roof. If you’re not familiar with a tar & gravel roof — picture small hot rocks which bake in the sun throughout the day, held (mostly) in place by black tar!

Tired of paying for constant AC usage in 14,000 square feet of classroom space because of this hot roof, the school found a better solution. Utilizing new technology they installed a new roof atop the existing roof — a simple approach that minimally impacts students and staff.

The new roof consists of a layer of foam insulation, a cover board layer, and then topped with a white PVC membrane -  a vastly more efficient solution. The insulation keeps the (warm or cool) conditioned air in the building, while the PVC membrane reflects the heat from the sun to minimize AC usage.

In addition to keeping students and teachers more comfortable in the classroom, the school is also saving over $4000 annually!

Scroll through slides 1-6 below to see the project from start to finish.

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