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TEACH Academy of Technologies (Los Angeles) - Another energy project - $16,000 in savings each year

While there are plenty of pictures of completely finished solar PV arrays, have you ever thought about how the installation process actually happens? It starts with the stanchions – small metal support posts which attach to the roof and secures the racking of the system. The racking – metal beams or “racks" upon which the solar panels (or modules) are eventually mounted — are attached to the stanchions and form the underlying support structure for the solar system. Once the racking is in place, the modules are then securely attached to it. Optimizers ensure peak performance from each module and these are installed directly to the modules before the system is energized. With all modules and components in place, the system is now ready to produce energy!

This system at TEACH Academy of Technologies in Los Angeles contains 156 modules and generates almost $16,000 in savings each year!

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