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This origami screen turns your windows into solar panels

Solgami wants to give apartment dwellers a chance to generate their own solar power–without blocking your natural light.

If you live in an apartment, it’s difficult to have solar panels: Your landlord decides what goes on your roof.  But a new design makes solar panels more accessible to those without a roof of their own. Hanging inside a window, the origami-style blinds generate electricity as light reflects against the folds of the panel. At the same time, the geometry of the design brings more natural light inside.

“We’re looking at repositioning the city as a place of production, not just a place of consumption,” says Ben Berwick, an architect and the director of the Australia-based design firm Prevalent, who is currently working with a Japanese manufacturer on a prototype of the design, called Solgami. Most of the world’s population lives in cities, and that number is growing; the design is one way to allow more people to participate in the global project of transitioning to renewable energy. READ MORE....

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